The Australian National Flag Association (NSW) Inc. was successfully launched at a public meeting in Sydney on the 5th October 1983, with the late Sir Colin Hines OBE elected as Founding President.

The Australian National Flag Association is a voluntary community service organisation. It's non-political, non-sectarian and employs no paid staff.

The controlling Council of Management is elected at each Annual General Meeting, operating under a government approved


- To communicate a positive message to all Australians the importance and significance of our chief national symbol – the Australian National Flag.
- To provide promotional and educational material concerning the Australian National Flag.
- To promote the Australian identity overseas by the use of the Australian National Flag.
- To support existing “fly the flag” programmes and encourage support from recognised service organisations.
- To encourage personal identity with the Australian National Flag at all levels within the community.


If you would like to become a member of The Australian National Flag Association (NSW) Inc., please select a state to go to the application form HERE